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Дорогие коллеги, друзья и посетители сайта "ИСЛАМСКАЯ НУМИЗМАТИКА"!!!

Мы переезжаем на новый хостинг и адрес форума теперь будет тут  http://rasmir.com/FORUM/

С сегодняшнего дня 20.04.2013 г. закрывается регистрация новых пользователей на старом сайте!!!

С 01.05.2013 г. старый форум перейдет в архивный режим и новые посты можно будет делать только на новом форуме.

Огромная просьба!!! Регистрироваться и открывать новые темы только на обновленном форуме http://rasmir.com/FORUM/

Администрация Rasmir надеется, что новый форум даст нам больше преимуществ и возможностей для продуктивной работы.

Друзья, мы теперь на http://rasmir.com/FORUM/

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Модератор форума: Abu_Said  
Нумизматический форум "ИСЛАМСКАЯ НУМИЗМАТИКА" » Восточные монеты: обсуждение, помощь в определении » Islamic numismatics » Congratulations!

VestikDate: Понедельник, 15 Декабря 2008, 23:50 | Message # 1
Арслан тегин
Группа: Проверенные

Количество сообщений: 1358

Страна: Украина

Город: Одесса

Репутация: 35

Статус: Отсутствует


Dear friends, please, to your opinion, what shall we do with Rule№13 in this branch? cool

Abu_SaidDate: Вторник, 16 Декабря 2008, 00:25 | Message # 2
Бугра илиг
Группа: Модераторы

Количество сообщений: 1506



Репутация: 37

Статус: Отсутствует

We should creation in first time:
1. Rules (translate all scope of rules)
2. The guide of registration

My opinion on item#13 of the rules, the item should not be changed

rasmirDate: Вторник, 16 Декабря 2008, 13:27 | Message # 3
саифулла шейх уль-Админ
Группа: Админ

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Город: Санкт-Петербург

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Статус: Отсутствует

I fully agree with the colleague. The rules will not change!
وأنا أتفق تماما مع زميلي. القواعد لن تغير!

غفر الله لهم ورحمهم
VestikDate: Вторник, 16 Декабря 2008, 15:25 | Message # 4
Арслан тегин
Группа: Проверенные

Количество сообщений: 1358

Страна: Украина

Город: Одесса

Репутация: 35

Статус: Отсутствует

Dear forum users,

The Forum is created to unite professional collectors and all people interested in Islamic numismatics and related topics. While Forum have been created the main idea was to consolidate enthusiasts and give the help to novices in determination of coins and make clear a couple of problems concerning to collecting and determination of numismatic materials.
The Forum is intended to fill the vacuum in Russian Internet resources dedicated to Islamic and East numismatics because of inappreciable quantity of it.
The Terms described hereinafter are valid for all topics and branches of this site.
These terms are established to make a comfortable and functional atmosphere for all forum users. In case you are not agreed with followed terms, please, leave this Forum or don't registering here.
I. Terms of the Forum
1.The main language of this Forum is Russian, but the branch «Islamic numismatics» is in English. Users, who doesn't use Russian should use this branch and English language here.
2.Please, register here to comfortable communication in this Forum. Administration of Forum guaranteed secured storage of your profile and privacy of your data.
3.Offensive language, abuses and acts of discourtesies are prohibited and will be deleted immediately without warnings and explanations. After this Administration has a right to assume measures against DELINQUED user.
4.Conflicts are considered by Administration in special branches and, after this, are moderated or deleted concerning to decision of Administration.
5.Correspondence of private character and information such as names, surnames, phone numbers, addresses, ICQ numbers, etc. is extremely undesirable. Please, use e-mail for private corresponding.
6.Own opinions are greeted and salaamed but only in the Forum's field.
7.Interracial, nationalistic, Zionist statements and utterances infringed rights any nations and personalities will rigorously terminated and deleted.
8.When trading it is strongly RECOMMENDED to provide full information about coin (photos, weight, diameter, edge), if necessary, detailed description of Obverse, Reverse and edge of the coin. See Terms of trading in site.
9.Spam and posts without useful information due to the topic of the Forum, non-understandable for major of Forum's users will be deleted or moderated.
10.Propositions and information intended to improve the Forum and site are greeted.
11.More than one nickname for one user are prohibited in this Forum. Users with more than one nickname will be punished.
12.In case user is not active during one month from registration day, his record and profile may be deleted.
13.Questions such «How much?», «What about price?» are STRONGLY FORBIDDEN. We doesn't determine the market-value of coins!
14.Publications, advertisement and spreading of materials that are violate of intellectual property rights are prohibited.
15.It is prohibited to discuss lots of auctions before they are finished and lots with fixed date of finishing. Information that can be harmful for conscientious byers on our and other resources during the trading period (before finishing of these trades) will be deleted without warnings and explanations. Administration has a right to punish users who will ignore this Term.
16.Moderating and deleting of Forum's owners and Administrators posts are forbidden (for users who obtained such rights).
II. Relations between users and Administration
1.Administration of Forum acts based on common sense and internal Terms of the Forum.
2.Discussions of Administrating (administrations and moderators) in any forms are strongly prohibited and will be rigorously terminated except special branch concerning Forum's working.
III. Short Terms on font's colours using
1. Green colour of font is the colour of life - green colour - is the property of founder of this resource — Shaih al'Admin. Using of this colour is forbidden for others and will be punished.
2. Red colour of fonts is the property of Moderators. Using of this colour by others except Shaih al'Admin will be terminated and punished. Other colours re free to use.
Administration has a right to change Terms of Forum with following noticing of Forum's users. All changes and innovations will be done on the base of opinions and interests of the Forum's users.

Нумизматический форум "ИСЛАМСКАЯ НУМИЗМАТИКА" » Восточные монеты: обсуждение, помощь в определении » Islamic numismatics » Congratulations!
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